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Matriarch pizza wins Caliente ‘best’ honors


Caliente Pizza & Draft House chef Eric Von Hansen’s tribute to his mother and grandmother, “Mee-Maw” pizza, will soon be available to local mee-maws and their families. Hansen and business owner Nick Bogacz traveled to Italy recently to compete in the Pizza World Championships, where Von Hansen won “Best Pizza in America 2019,” the restaurant’s Facebook page states. Read More

Caliente’s Pizza House Named America’s Best Pizza In Pizza World Championship

By Jon Delano KDKA

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local family-owned pizza house has won a competition in Italy for making America’s best pizza in 2019.The pizza was the creation of a local chef who says Pittsburgh is finally getting recognition for its pizza It’s as American as apple pie — pizza — and now judges at the Pizza World Championship in Parma, Italy, have declared this pizza at Pittsburgh’s Caliente Pizza as America’s best. It’s a pizza pie designed by Chef Eric Von Hansen and called the “Mee-maw” after his Italian mother. Read More

Pittsburgh Pizza Place To Compete At Italy’s ‘World Pizza Championship’

PITTSBURGH ( — Caliente Pizza & Draft House owner Nick Bogacz and regional chef Eric Von Hansen are pursuing a dream and it’s no pie-in-the-sky one. The pair will represent Pittsburgh in the 28th Pizza World Championship in Parma, Italy in April. After being named world pizza champions three years in a row at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, Bogacz and Von Hansen were invited by 13-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani to join his World Pizza Champions team. Read More

Pittsburgh To Be Represented In Italy’s Pizza World Championship. Two members of a well-known Pittsburgh pizza place will compete as part of the World Pizza Champions Team

By Eric Heyl, Patch Staff

PITTSBURGH PA – Caliente Pizza & Draft House owner Nick Bogacz and regional chef Eric Von Hansen are pursuing a dream and it’s no pie-in-the-sky one. The pair will represent Pittsburgh in the 28th Pizza World Championship in Parma, Italy in April. After being named world pizza champions three years in a row at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, Bogacz and Von Hansen were invited by 13-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani to join his World Pizza Champions team. Read More

Best Pizza Across the U.S. (You’re Welcome) The best day of the year any way you slice it…

by Kim Kornfeld

National Pizza Day is upon us this weekend (Feb. 9th), which means you have an excuse to head to that dollar pizza spot and not feel bad about it. Heck, you can even grab a different slice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It can be tough to find the best slice, especially when you live in the New York area and travel to a different state. With that in mind, I rounded up some of the best spots you can visit to get a taste of the local pizza. Read More

Is this Pittsburgh pizza actually the best in America? We tried a slice …


Growing up in an Italian-German family in Shaler, Eric Von Hansen got to know the culinary specialities from his Mom and Grandma, especially their pizza.“We ate a lot of Grandma-style pizza,” he said — dough left over from baking, left to rise on a pan, topped with “whatever you had in the refrigerator. ”Now the chef at Caliente Pizza & Draft House, Von Hansen tried his hand at the creation, and it turned out well — so well that his Mee-Maw pie was named Read More

Nick Bogacz, from delivery driver to World Pizza Champion

by Jennifer Baron NEXT Pittsburgh

World Pizza Champion Nick Bogacz started in the pizza industry as a delivery driver more than 20 years ago. In 2012, he founded Caliente Pizza & Draft House and has since expanded to five locations throughout the region. Along the way, he’s become a member of the World Pizza Team and a successful author and podcast creator. Get to know the pizza guru and Hampton resident. Read More

Pittsburgh’s Caliente Pizza & Draft House donates pies to Light of Life

by JoAnne Klimovich Harrop  Tribune-Review

Hope starts with a meal. Those were the words of Doug Smith, director of development for Light of Life Rescue Mission on Pittsburgh’s North Side on Friday as he watched residents enjoy slices of pizza from Pittsburgh-based Caliente Pizza & Draft House as 40 extra-large pizzas (approximately 480 slices) were delivered to the mission on Friday.  Read More

Hampton couple turned passion for pizza into Caliente empire

by Kristy Locklin TRIB LIVE

Nick Bogacz is happiest when he’s wearing his official work uniform: a black T-shirt covered in flour. “This is my passion,” says the Hampton resident, who runs Caliente Pizza & Draft House with his wife, Angie. Since 2012, the couple has turned one, small shop into a Pittsburgh pizza empire. Read More

Peter Reinhart and Nick Bogacz to headline Pizza & Pasta Northeast!

by Bill Oakley PIZZA TODAY

This year’s opening keynote speaker will be Peter Reinhart, instructor at Johnson & Wales University, founder of the Pizza Quest video and blog site, American baker, educator and author. Peter is the author of numerous books, including “Bread Upon the Waters: A Pilgrimage Toward Self Discovery and Spiritual Truth”; “Crust and Crumb: Master Formulas for Serious Bread Bakers” and “American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza” Read More

Conversation with Nick Bogacz, Caliente Pizza & Draft House Pittsburgh, PA


Nick dishes on Caliente’s growth and expansion plans. Our concept is a full-service restaurant and bar with a full delivery area. Our pizza philosophy is that we just really love pizza — and it shows in every facet of our business. When you truly love what you do it all comes natural. We have great pizza, but everyone always says that. The real truth is the thing that we do have that not everyone has is great people. Read More

Pizza Today on the Road: Caliente Pizza & Draft House, Pittsburgh, PA


So Hot  Caliente Pizza & Draft House lights up Pittsburgh Nick Bogacz is the type of pizzeria owner who’d drive across town to pick up a couple of writers who’d gone astray. In the process between the wrong location and right, we learned much about this four-unit store that’s making strides in Pittsburgh’s neighborhood-centric locations.  Read More

Personalities of Pittsburgh: Nick Bogacz’s love of pizza kept bringing him back

by Mike Larson Pittsburgh Business Times

Read Story

The Secret Ingredient in Your Marketing: Direct Mail with Mail Shark


Just ask Nick Bogacz, the president/founder of award-winning Caliente Pizza & Draft House, a three-time World Pizza Champion in Pittsburgh, and author of The Pizza Equation. “One of the relationships that has helped me explode my business is with the great folks at Mail Shark,” he says.  Read More

Employee turnover can be costly and bad for morale. Reduce turnover by using these methods to hire and keep your employees.

by Nick Bogacz

The ongoing crisis over the COVID-19 outbreak is vastly changing the nation’s employment rate. Mere weeks ago, we at lows not seen for decades. Now, we’re setting new records for the wrong reasons.  The length and severity of this pandemic are uncertain, although we can say with certainty, it’s already been too long and too devastating. But all crises end. Read More

They found love in a pizza place: Angie and Nick Bogacz

by  Morgan McCoy, WordWrite Communications


Nick Bogacz befriended his future wife at 18 through delivering pizzas. When Nick lost everything to a house fire, Angie came right to his side and the pair hasn’t separated since. Read More

Pittsburgh-based pizza restaurant travels the globe to win industry accolades

by Caliente Pizza Draft House

PITTSBURGHDec. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Caliente Pizza & Draft House, a Pittsburgh-based restaurant known for its internationally acclaimed pies and extensive craft beer list, is rapidly growing in global recognition after collecting numerous accolades in 2019. Locally owned and operated by founders Nick and Angie Bogacz, Caliente sent its team across the United States and Europe this year to participate in the industry’s biggest competitions. Read More

Commentary: Teary Eyed

by Jeremy White PIZZA TODAY

If you were at Pizza & Pasta Northeast in Atlantic City last month, then hopefully you attended the Day Two Keynote Address by Nick Bogacz. Nick owns Caliente Pizza & Draft House in Pittsburgh, and boy did he have a story to tell! Nick has been through it all since he first entered the pizza industry as a delivery driver at age 16.  Read More

Caliente Pizza & Drafthouse Owner’s Book No Half-Baked Idea

By Eric Heyl, Patch Staff

PITTSBURGH, PA – Caliente Pizza and Drafthouse owner Nick Bogacz doesn’t just own and operate an award-winning pizza chain. He’s also an author. Bogacz’s first book “The Pizza Equation,” will be out March 1. It details what he considers to be the most important aspects of operating a pizza business and serves them up in a handy guide. Read More

What to Know Before Expanding Your Operations

by Jason Cercone BREAKINGBREWS

As success comes, the notion of expanding becomes more and more prominent. If you are in the process of growing your bar, restaurant, or brewery beyond the original four walls that put your brand on the map, it’s important to make sure the timing is right and it makes sense to move forward. To provide insight on this topic, we will tap Nick Bogacz, owner of Caliente Pizza & Draft House in Pittsburgh, PA, a brand on the verge of opening their 5th location in just over six years. Read More

Do we release the new menu?’ Despite COVID-19, restaurant owner says ‘yes’

by Harry Funk The Almanac

The regular routine was in place for the folks at Caliente Pizza and Draft House. “Once a year, we do a new menu. We usually start it in December and then roll it out in late February or early March,” owner Nick Bogacz said. He founded the business in 2012, and it has grown into a five-restaurant chain, including one in Mt. Lebanon. Read More